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Chemistry Lab

About Us

Our Approach

IISER Kolkata is a leading research institute in India, dedicated to advancing research in multidisciplinary sciences. The Department of Chemical Sciences (DCS) at IISER Kolkata has been at the forefront of this effort, and its recent works demonstrate its commitment to cutting-edge research in various fields of chemistry. The DCS researchers have made significant contributions in areas such as materials science, where they have developed new methods for the synthesis and characterization of functional materials for applications in energy storage and conversion. In self-healing crystals, the team has developed a novel method for creating crystal structures that can repair themselves in response to damage. In organic chemistry, the group has developed new reactions for the synthesis of complex organic molecules and explored the mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. The DCS group has made significant contributions to all aspects of research in chemistry, including theoretical studies, synthetic methods, and materials design. These research efforts not only deepen our understanding of chemical science but also have the potential to contribute to numerous areas of societal significance, such as medicine, energy, and the environment.

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